Tea Time Reading #8

It's been too long! 

So grab some tea, a snack, and make some time for some lovely writing.

One Willow Apothecaries reminds us that our own touch, voice, tears, whispers will heal us best. "The life of things will go on, because we all have access to one singular stream of medicine that will never abandon us— our own inner healer." Part of the reason I love this post so much is because she echoes my thoughts on magic and herbalism. They aren't our healers, they support us in healing ourselves. Every crystal, plant, spell, and talisman is simply a vessel for own healing energy.


Diana Chin is rocking Mitu with "I’m Half-Latina, Half-South Asian And Full Bruja" which details her journey into fulling embracing her divine magical self.

Are you emotionally fatigued? Whether you wouldn't even know how to check in for that or you know you are and seeking remedy, Anima Mundi has some great advice for you. Emotional fatigue attacks you at every level: mind, body, and spirit. 

Spiral Sea Tarot offers a useful pdf and a tarot reading strategy they call Flexing Your Cards. I think would be particularly helpful with a beginner who may be trying to figure out what The Lovers card had to do with the very specific question they had about their career.  The best thing about Tarot is it always applies. Unfortunately, many tarot books with very specific interpretations (ex: 10 of Pentacles means money flows) can cause hang-ups when those situations don't necessarily apply.

Heathen's Journey by Abbie (Northern Lights Witch) at Little Red Tarot offers a needed perspective on Norse practice. She grapples with the racism, gender essentialism, and other forms of oppression that have seeped into the practice as well as shares great wisdom about the practice and its tools itself. Right now she's working through the runes and is grappling with Uruz and the Divine Masculine as an alternative to the toxic, cis, patriarchal nonsense we've come to associate it with.

Venus rejoicing! Gabriela Herstick's book, Craft: How to be a Modern Witch, is out and available in the world right now! "Infuse a drop of magick into your everyday life.Writer, fashion alchemist and modern witch, Gabriela Herstik, unlocks the ancient art of witchcraft so that you can find a brand of magick that works for you"

The Kaleidadope Tarot's Queen of Coins looking regal as fuh!

The Kaleidadope Tarot's Queen of Coins looking regal as fuh!

TAROT OF THE QTPOC ALERT! The Kaleidadope Tarot is funding and needs your continued support! I can't help but be over the moon about more Black women publishing tarot and oracle decks. "Bringing tarot into the 21st century with a mix of color, culture & representation. Inspired by the universe, synchronicity & purpose."

The Strength card as learning how to take up space as a marginalized person too used to being made to feel small. Yes, bloom bloom bloom. I'm so happy to see and read Danielle Dorsey over at LRT. This resonates so hard with the work I seek to put forth in the world, particularly the virtual space of spirituality, tarot, and the esoteric that can spend too much time pretending me and my communities don't exist. A radical expansion, I'm so about it.

A Love Letter to Black, Indigenous & People of Colour: On Freeing Ourselves From Racist Priestesses, Fake Gurus & White Supremacist Spiritual Teachers from Layla Saad whose boundary making work with oppressive leeching has been a sight to witness as she navigated outright erasure and silence.

An oldie but goodie from my own archives: A Mercury Rx spread that reminds us to be adaptable, light on our feet, and intentional as a strategy for thriving through this astrological season.

The Oliver Hibert Tarot, pic by Jess Rollar

The Oliver Hibert Tarot, pic by Jess Rollar

If you've got a love affair with bright color then you'll be interested in Jess (Radical SHE Tarot) reviewing the electrifying Oliver Hibert Tarot.

Dana at the Druid's Garden shares the wisdom of the Elder. It just so happens that the tea I'm drinking right now is filled with elderberries right now to give my body some extra immune backup. If you've ever wanted to know more about this legendary plant healer, definitely check out this post on Elder's magic, mythology, and medicine.

Speaking of trees beloved of witches, Beth shares a lovely reflection on Willow, the Witches Tree.