Tending to Your Work, and a spread to support you

If you love your work, you’ll never work a day in your life.


Work is work is work. Whether loved, hated, or just plain tolerated, work is work. Your side hustle is work. Your passion project is work. Do not devalue yourself by pretending that just because you care for it, it doesn’t require labor.

I’ve come across this idea, particularly in the spiritual biz community, and I’m sad to say I was taken in by it. I bought in to the idea that what exhausted me was my “work work” and what I did with my spiritual biz would always invigorate me.

So in my head I separated the two, and blamed all exhaustion, frustration, and lack of inspiration on my day job. Every time I couldn’t write, conjure, create, and share I blamed it on what my day job was taking from me. IBecause I loved healing work, I never ascribed any drainage to it. Even when I was even more and more unable to do this work, couldn’t blend a tea, or read some cards, fulfill an order, I pretended it wasn’t work- and I punished myself for my inability to do it.

It took a full crash out for me to realize that I’d been neglecting my healing work by pretending it wasn’t work. It didn’t matter how many tarot decks and crystals I could distract myself with, the shine would always dull and the connection to it was weaker and weaker. I’ve spent the last three months trying to figure out why I could no longer feel this work in my spirit the way I used to.

The answer was absurdly simple. First of all, there is a reason I’m committed to my day job- there is love there too. Second, I’m tired- and Asali Earthwork is part of that reason.

This may be lightwork but it ain’t light work.


Beth at Little Red Tarot shared an idea I had not fully understood till very recently. That my work is a garden, and I’d been harvesting way more than it was capable of giving out and forcing growth that just wasn’t ready. You’d think a lover of herbs would have caught on to that early!

So I’m listening.

It was hard, and I spent way too much time avoiding, vacillating, and self-shaming but I think I’m on the right path for this time in my work.

I recently canceled and refunded all tarot reading and tea orders, reset all inventory to zero, and I’m committing to re-connection to slow business (thank you, Alexis) and authenticity. It’s not easy- I still have a lot of moments where I freeze up, drown in guilt, and punish myself. I’m also learning to crawl out of that muck and remind myself why I’m slowing down.

I may never feel the same about my work and that’s okay. Honestly, a new way of being is definitely called for. I just hope I’m attentive enough to notice.

Of course, this is not everyone’s route to take. You may need to do something completely different for your work. Everyone’s balanced is achieved differently. The one thing that remains the same is that balance comes from authenticity and moving forward (or stepping back) in a way that’s true to you.

With that said, I wanted to share the spread I’m beginning this work with. I hope that it offers you support and guidance.

A spread for tending to your work.png

A Spread for Tending to Your Work

1. What is the current energy around my work?

2. What is my relationship to my work?

3. Where is there a blockage in inspiration?

4. Where is there opportunity for inspiration?

5. Where do I need to pull back from?

6. Where do I focus more energy?

7. What is on the periphery?