The space we create.


Much thanks to the New Moon in Aquarius for renewing me and infusing me with new energy. I'm nowhere back to fully energized, but it's been refreshing to meet this emergent time and slowly break the shell of fatigue I've been weighed under.

I took a lovely bath, just before the First Quarter, filled with tea of milky oats, rose, chamomile, jasmine, and eucalyptus.

It wasn't so much a breaking bath but a reaffirming bath meant to relax, sweeten, and softly rejuvenate my spirit. It was a very low fuss ritual bath: a single candle, epsom salts, bubble bath because yes, an infusion of the herbs pre-steeped and poured because it was a weekday and I just knew I wouldn't have the energy to do a fussy clean up for the tub afterward, my most giant rose quartz, and me!

It was exactly what I needed.

I felt like I was slowly waking from a deep sleep that wasn't particularly refreshing and so I was actually happy to be woken up! Paired with Pisces season, I've been moved to more intentionally explore space- space I inhabit, space I make, the space around me- and all that's in it and specifically not in it.

And this reading with the Solar Wanderer's Tarot really gave me words to describe that process that had begun unconsciously since the New Moon.

reading with the Solar Wanderer's Tarot

reading with the Solar Wanderer's Tarot

We begin with the Goddess of Stones, standing in full power over this beautiful gem cluster she's manifested. There's a sense that she provides power to the matrix and it returns the same right back to her.  A bit unsettling is the crowd beneath her. Do they look up in awe, fear, or thanks? Their presence make me question whether she's on the defense or is standing as conqueror- or perhaps she's unbothered and focused on the working of her own domain, and the crowd is just incidental.

For me, this speaks to what it can feel like to build up your own space with intention, draw up boundaries, and be choosy about what is and isn't involved. Everyone on the outside looking in can force us into an unconscious defensive or over-assertive position. We have to make the decision to be unmoved by opinions and expectations and create what we need for ourselves. AND also be aware that we are connected, no one person moves without impacting someone else, and what we build should not be built on top of others.

Nine of Moons showed up next, and I have to be honest. The wish aspect of this card hasn't always resonated with me. I can sometimes rock with it, but most of the time I have a hard time seeing it. Which makes this deck's version a lot more attractive to me.

Here we have nine full moons, full of promise, completed cycles, and weight- full moons bear weight on me and if you've ever been around me during a full moon, you'll know that all I want to do is sleep for three days straight. So it's a relief to be in the presence of water, here. Depending on how you look at it, either three of the moons are submerged in water or they are the reflection of the three moons above.

Either way, I think this card is offering me a choice between the six moons in the sky and their promise or, and I'll admit this is more attractive, dive into the ocean and seek the more elusive (or is it illusory) three moons below. No matter what I choose to do first, I'll have to allow the release of the other, even if it's just for now.

The point of all of this work is clarified in Judgement: "the garden is transitioning from a state of cultivation to a wild glen". GODDESS I LOVE THAT DESCRIPTION. I like to think that the Goddess of Stones takes the water and all that it taught her and uses it to nourish the saplings at the top of her crystal mountain. It's a beautiful promise- something new is coming from the old, the fruits of all this shadow working labor.

It may bring up the past in uncomfortable ways and also it will bring new blooming opportunity to grow and create space that nourishes me through those difficult times and offers joy and pleasure.

So may it be.


I'm always intrigued by others' space making/creating/finding journeys.How are you making space in your world?