walking through fire, a gathering of survival strategies by community and allies

Here is a link round up of healers writing as community and allies visioning strategies for healing.



- Where does a healer's anger go? Beyond love and light. I wrote a piece for the Little Red Tarot on holding space for anger that bleeds through my identity as a black queer femme healer in the world we live in now.

"My spiritual elders have always taught me that to be a master healer is to have the capacity for both the light and the shadow. A crone’s wisdom comes not from her living a life of ease and positivity, but the hard knowledge and intimate experience of the dark and the understanding of how to wield it. The smirk in the medicine woman’s smile is the knowledge that the division of medicine and poison is arbitrary and often entirely up to her. As a healer with marginalized identities I claim that I am due more than just sadness; I tire of it. I am due the full breadth of my anger and rage."

Read the whole piece at Little Red Tarot here!

- Coming Back to Life: Healing Through Crisis with Ritual + Action at the Hoodwitch provides multiple great ideas for healing and working through grief.

"The Zen Poet Thich Nhat Hanh asked "What do we need to do to save our world?" his questioners expected him to identify the best strategies to peruse in social and environmental action, but Thich Nhat Hanh's answer was this: "What we most need to do is to hear within us the sound of the Earth crying. "Healing starts within each and every one of us."In despair work, we learn to uncover our pain for the world and we honor it." Says Author's Joanna Macy & Molly Young Of "Coming Back to life: practices to reconnect our lives, Our world" How can we do this?"

We Need You To Show Up To The Riot Well Rested, a love reminder to activists on the front lines.

"Dreams are the work we do to build resistance and the dreamer is society, the collective people galvanized to take part in changing their condition. I believe dreams and imagination are knowledge projects that require our interrogation to make sense of the world. Dreams enter our bodies and stir up the subject in spite of our age, ability, class position, nationality, sexual orientation or health status. They perform their duties in delivering us information regardless of our opinions of them. Dreams do not ask for their power; they simply are powerful. We cannot forget in social justice work to be dream–like."

- 7 Questions for Earnest Allies from Siobhan's Mirror that we should all ask ourselves for all the spaces we hold privilege. I love that they can be used as a tarot spread because sometimes we don't know where to begin and these questions are great sign posts for the journey.

"Use the questions below to journal. Use them as a tarot spread. Use them as a conversation starter but make sure your conversation partner has the energy or interest in engaging these kinds of questions. Use these questions to know yourself better. Use them how you will. Or don’t and save them for later. Take a healing bath instead. May your inquiry be led by love. Even when it burns white hot and lives in you as anger. May your inquiry be a prayer for hope or a precursor for action. May your own truth lead you."

- Our role as herbalists, healers, + magick-makers within #BlackLivesMatter at Worts + Cunning asks healers in solidarity to move beyond lip service where they can.

"Here's the deal. Love does not need to be sent somewhere right now. It needs to be embodied and lived. Imagine what you would do for any member of your family or your closest friends or your romantic partner that you deeply love if you knew that their life was at risk, in large part because of your disinterest and inaction. You would do more than "send love" via a comment on someone's instagram feed. If you're praying for peace, be that prayer embodied. Peace is not going to happen without justice. Justice is not going to happen if folks beyond the Black community don't demand it relentlessly and tirelessly."

- Lettie at High Moon Femme Tarot is asking us to Support Black Femmes & Black Lives and is also participating in a knowledge and service share for Black Femmes and Black folx seeking healing. (ETA: call for support has ended)

"I AM ASKING FOR $200 (so far) so I can send it to DEAR BLACK FEMME FRIENDS who NEED SUPPORT today. You can send your part--$5, $10, $20, $60! Whatever you've got, we'll take! Please communicate with me via private message to work out details etc. I'm gonna ask over & over because I want them to stay alive. I, too, am overwhelmed & heartbroken over the anti-Black state sanctioned violence, & this is something I want to do / believe we can do. I will be so happy to let you know when donations start coming in & I can start pushing them on through to these lovable simply because they exist Black femmes!"

- Build your own Herbal Crisis/Trauma Kit with guidance from Berenice Dimas

"Herbs and Resources to help support your body~mind~spirit as you participate in protest, marches, demonstrations, and actions."

- Self Care For People of Color After Psychological Trauma by Just Jasmine.

"When people of color are exposed to repetitive acts of racism (racism has been shown to be processed in our brains as trauma) a kind of post traumatic stress syndrome can develop."

- How to Be a Black Empath in America by Deandra Fells

"As empaths, we often feel selfish for not being there for others during times of need. We know that others who lack the emotional bandwidth during a time like this need us and we feel as though we have a duty to be there for them. Stop and think: how can you really do that if you know in your heart of hearts that you yourself are suffering from the same lack? It’s okay to not be capable at times. Put up your “Be back soon” sign."

- Fiona Benjamin's entire twitter feed these past few days has been lit up with truth and a call to action that goes beyond silence and quiet solidarity.


- For white and other non-black allies who want to do better. Jeanna at Girlboss Woo wrote An Open Letter to My Fellow White Business Owners that has points applicable to more than the business realm.

"Hundreds of black men and women - straight and LGBTQIA+ - have been murdered this year alone, the result of systemic racism and xenophobia that manifests in police brutality, in the ad-hoc life-and-death, jury and executioner position to which too many police officers appoint themselves. And to this, white business owners send out their newsletter, as scheduled, with no acknowledgement of the systemic trauma their POC readers, clients, and customers are going through. White business owners keep their social media automated and on schedule. White business owners promote their latest e-course or workshop. White business owners act like nothing has happened - leaving the tragic impression that perhaps, for them, nothing did. This is white supremacy in action, friends."