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Skyfall in the Gulf Coast

Skyfall in the Gulf Coast

If you've been paying any kind of attention to the news in the US, inevitably you'll have run into the news of Hurricane Harvey unleashing its wrath on the Gulf Coast. I live in Houston, TX so while we weren't exactly hit by the hurricane, we've been dealing with the resulting tropical storm stalling right on top of us and dropping what feels like all the water from the Gulf of Mexico right on top of us with little hope of ceasing before Thursday (for perspective, that's nearly a week of straight rain).

Tarot guidance for the week: SPEAK (also pls call your govt. representative*)

Tarot guidance for the week: SPEAK (also pls call your govt. representative*)

This is not a week interested in anyone pulling their punches. It calls for speaking truth to power, in all the ways that can apply not just to your life, but your community.

on valentine's day we wear yellow


Today was not a perfect day, but it was one that showed me what it was to hold love unshakeable within such that nothing could move it. I woke up to a stunning daybreak, gold shining through the windows. The day quickly turned grey and dark and a thunderstorm complete with a tornado warning followed. Much like the weather, the people I interacted with felt like a whirwind of chaos, pain, and disorder. The promise of my time beyond the workday kept me going- that and holy basil and ginger black tea.

As soon as I got home I made sure to set the tone for the rest of the day, beginning with Oshun's space. Valentine's Day is a commercial creation, yes- but I believe in collective power. Beyond all the consumerism, all around us thoughts are turning to love. It's complicated, of course. Along with that is trauma and pain but love magic still rules the day, and it is for us to turn and work towards ourselves, our communities, and our healing. I hope you got a chance to let today be a space to set intentions for healing around love (particularly self-love), such that can be sustained for the rest of the year.

In that spirit, I was overjoyed to receive the news that andi grace's collective effort, we believe you: femmes surviving toxic masculinity would be available for the community today. It fills my heart to have been part of this brewed spell of femme heart healing. The e-zine is available with a donation at your discretion and financial access. In addition a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Black Lives Matter.


this 107 page e-zine is a multi media compilation of femme genius. the contributors come from a wide range of life experiences. it features affirming and magical advice and stories to help women and femmes not only survive, but thrive while living with the impacts of the patriarchy.

Happy Valentine's Day, and with dear love to you!

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