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Itchy Throat Easing Tea

Beloved readers, you and I are going to get through this cold together. Thank you for hanging in there with me.

I'm starting to suspect something a little stronger than a common cold- a sinus infection perhaps with the way my eyes, cheekbones, and teeth ache. I also woke up with an itchy throat which is usually a heads up that a cough is coming at me soon.

I hate coughs. More than the incessant runny nose, I absolutely hate coughs. I had respiratory issues as a child so non-stop coughing is far too familiar and I do my best to avoid it when possible. The painful sore throat and aching ribs are my cold & flu nightmare. So of course, I reached for my herb cabinet and so far so good, this little infusion recipe is keeping the cough at bay.

Itchy Throat Ease Tea for the Cold Season
Echinacea, Rosehip, Hibiscus, Ginger, Star Anise, Thyme, Sage, and Clove – drink with lemon and honey; steep for a couple of hours to strengthen the infusion.

One more tip: if you have an achy face- maybe your eyes feel a bit swollen, cheekbones and teeth are suffering from a deep ache- you can relieve that with some hot steam. Grab a face towel; fill a bowl with hot water, add eucalyptus oil; dip the towel in the water, squeeze, fold in half, and place lengthwise on your face or fold it small enough to fit just around your eyes if you'd prefer. It'll soothe the ache and the eucalyptus enhanced steam will help you breathe easier.

Love Spell In A Tea Cup, Two Waters Tea

As I built my Two Waters love altar to Yemaya and Oshun, I was called to mix up a tea blend and meditate with it as I sat before the completed creation. Without a doubt, my favorite part of a long healing ritual is when the mix for tea settles into my spirit and I get to work the magic. Every time after it feels like the magic is giving me a tangible way to keep the energy with me and recreate it for whenever else I might need it, and maybe not have enough time or space to recreate the ritual.

Two Waters Tea Blend: Sunflower, Cinnamon, Rose, Jasmine, Mint, Fennel, and Clove are mixed to manifest a love spell of flower and seed magic to guide you to hold yourself as precious and treasured by ancestors and guides.

I share the magic with you freely and hope that it gives you more than a moment to intentionally nourish the love for self.


Hi, I’m Asali! I’m a Black queer femme earthworker passionate about tarot, tea, and healing work. Schedule a card reading with me for a deeply clarifying intuitive tarot session. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, drop me a line!


seeking the water, happy spring equinox!

seeking the water, happy spring equinox!

I don't know about you, but the energy of this year has been fierce and unrelenting. Every time I think I'm catching my breath, I'm already falling off the next cliff. Not that it's been all bad, necessarily- a lot of what is whirling me around is opportunities for growth. I'm just working on accepting it for the blessings they are, and taking all of it in as affirmation.

What I'm doing for the equinox, simple and practical:

Tea Healing with Rosemary

Wise plant spirit Rosemary is great for relaxation and grounding. I also find that it cools my crown and helps clear my mental space of anxiety and confusion. It's also great to add to your dream recall tea, as it is a wonderful herb of memory. It's the most important ingredient in my Open & Clear Blend for a reason. I'm enjoying some healing rosemary tea right now to calm some anxiety and get me focused before my work week begins again tomorrow.

Steep some rosemary tea tonight or tomorrow morning and meet your Monday with vigor.