Knight of Pentacles



Like the constellation being brought to life in the Knight of Pentacles card above, it’s about bringing small pieces together to build a larger whole. Furthermore, it doesn’t all happen in a straight line- the beautiful, fulfilling goals never work that way. Your purpose as the Knight of Pentacles in your world right now is use your magic to draw the lines between those stars to create the constellation you seek.Evaluate how the energy of the Knight of Pentacles can be made to work for you right now. The Knights of any suit represent the active light and shadow of their suit. Pentacles are about practicality, abundance (material and all other sorts of wealth), and embodiment. They are about getting grounded into a plan and putting solid action into place to achieve your goal. Pentacles are slow and intentional, which gives them a particular a talent for seeing the long view. At their lowest vibration however, there is a tendency to get bogged down and stuck in the mud, as it were. The Knight has the capacity for both these tendencies. It’s just up to them. They move without perfect knowledge, as we all do, and aren’t too caught up in having everything figured out. This makes the Knight more adaptable than the other court cards of their suit.So right now, feel that mutability work in your world right now. Identify what your goals are and begin implementing solid plans of action that both have a broader view and a day to day application. While your plans should be grounded in practicality, make sure that they don’t leave you stuck with no room to maneuver. The hand in the card indicates that you are the vessel through which all this comes into being. It won’t happen without your active, intentional, and persistent participation.