Page of Swords


The Page of Swords helps me cut through the crap, excuses, bullshit, and lies of anxiety.

I chose the Mary-El tarot as I felt that it matched the intensity of your query. We will start with your first question. For whether mental health or law profession, the PAGE OF SWORDS answered the call. Which fits, as both these professions are extremely cerebral, in their own unique ways, so immediately take the Swords suit card as an affirmation that you are on the right path forward, even if caught in indecision. The Page knows indecision well, and this particular one can be prone to overthinking most situations. That’s the Page’s curse, their gift on the other hand is their ability to dance and shift like the dragon imprinted on their body and turn to whatever they need to. They aren’t very good with sticking to tradition, instead preferring to make a way of their own (think of The Hierophant as their worst enemy). They want to push the boundaries, push the envelope, not just see but live new perspectives and experiences. They thrive in open space that allows them to create new paradigms and cut through the old and stuck muckety-muck.

You are asked to answer for yourself here- the Page calls their own shots despite a world that would rank them at the very bottom- beyond your fear, beyond what feels safe and secure, what excites you? What quickens your heart? Which field is ready for you to create new paradigms, push boundaries, and create new ways of best practice?