Five of Cups

We begin with the FIVE OF CUPS who has been with me on my grief journey. The card of the wounded healer here promises protection and lessons on how to heal with an open heart. It's a wonderful intention to set for my home. I'm extremely fortunate to be able to do intentional work to create a home that is set for protective boundaries and a base of regeneration. It has taken a long time for me to learn that practice- and much to be sacrificed still- and still I know how crucial it is for me and my sensitive spirit to have a space to return to that is void of all the muck of the world. Additionally, it forces me to be very careful with what and who is invited into it and when it is me carrying that muck in, I am able to use the sweet energy I've tended to help me release the miasma. That's what home should feel like. A space than can hold both your darkness and light without being weighed down or restricted by either.

Grieve, hurt, feel all the feels and there is still progress says the Five of Cups