Four of Cups


There's also a potential to get stuck here. Here we have the first major hiccup of the minor arcana journey. Stability is great, but stagnancy is dangerous.

Still waters run deep and attract mosquitoes, okay.



the Four of Cups which bleeds out sadness, depression, stagnancy. The figure has dipped their feet in the pool of emotional depth but are still sitting on the edge with no engagement or intention to dive in and do some work. They look away from their gifts, even the message coming from above. Waiting on a miracle- and not even noticing it when it comes.

"She wants something new... but she is not sure where it is to come from; she cannot light her own fire." (Gorgon's LWB)

"Think more wholeheartedly about what you need, and where to find it." (She is Sitting in the Night)

This is the place of brackish water and flow must be created. On my bad days, this is what I look like. I don't cry often, even when I feel I should. Instead I'm idle, my mind wanders to nowhere in particular and my few moments of awareness feel desolate and without recourse. It's a whole bunch of doing nothing and feeling nothing. My work is to acknowledge that yes there will be days like this and also admit that there is help to be found. Instead of hanging out in this grey space for all time, it is okay to ask for some help to pull me either further onto the bank or into the water. Either will offer some kind of opportunity to wake.


Time to harness all that self-reflection you've been doing and let it work for you on the outside. It's why we took all that time to heal our spirits- so that we may better move in the world with clarity.