Seven of Cups

 In this image, the figure in this card holds two cups in their hand. We don’t know if the cups are empty; they look up at the cups above them, perhaps looking for what to fill their cups with. The gift and curse of Choice is given to them. On one hand, choice is a gift because it means we aren’t stuck where we are, there is always progress to be made, and we have the agency to make it even when it seems we don’t. On the other hand, depending on where you are at, choice feels cursed- forced to pick a road to go down on when we aren’t sure we’re ready yet to move on. More than that, things would be sooo much easier if we only had the one path set and didn’t have to do the hard work of trusting our decision making skill, trusting ourselves to take the right path. When the Seven of Cups shows up, it’s time to check in with our gut. How do you feel about trusting yourself right now? How do you feel about the ability to make the best choices for you and yours going forward? Whatever you prefer to call it: gut, intuition, instinct- it needs checking up on and healing right now. Surround

Seven of Cups is about choice and the burden of choice- it would be easier if we only had one path and the options make it difficult for us to trust ourselves because then we have to make a decision- but your choices don’t define you, you define your own choices (and you ultimately have no control about other people’s decisions).