Ten of Wands

As much as the TEN OF BRANCHES is about taking on too much, it can also speak to the readiness of doing this work. Which is why it comes with such dire warnings about burnout- so often in readings, this card falls for powerful spirits filled with great purpose. The path of the healer/warrior/activist is a hard one to traverse even as it is fulfilling. As you dive deeper into this space, one that you have inhabited for quite some time, remember to take pauses to rest and rejuvenate very often. Do not underestimate your need to recharge and recuperate your spirit. It is imperative that you form community and not just take this on by yourself. It’s not necessary that this community also be activists in the same way you are, although that can be encouraging; it’s more important that they are able to provide care and support for you as you do the work of the warrior healer you are meant to do. Do the work of Spirit inside yourself in tandem with all the work you do for others. There’s deep shadow work moving and shaking in your unconscious that’s about to make space for you to move through a portal into something new, says the DEATH card. Do not miss this chance because you are too exhausted to sense the opportunity when it comes.