TEMPERANCE is a balance of extremes, fire and ice. Drawing power without being consumed by it. Walking the edge without falling to either side. It is not simply light and shadow- these are the dark and dangerous edges of your soul that name you bridge. That is the call of shadow work, to tread carefully.

The primary card in this reading is TEMPERANCE, which also happens to be a major arcana card and requires us to play particular attention as this queer and fluid energy guides us over a longer period time than say cards from one of the suits or court cards. TEMPERANCE can be hard to navigate, as difficult as picturing a tiger on water. Temperance- harmony and balance are such broad terms with vaguely defined entry points that don’t always sound and feel and manifest practically in our world. Balance in practice looks like- at the very least- ensuring that your cup is full and overflowing before looking to share its contents with the world. It’s the give from the overflow concept that we all love and also somehow end up ignoring nearly every time.