The Lovers

The Lovers is a card not just about falling in love and all that comes with it, but also about choice and influence. Essentially it is a card that asks you to take a close look at what choices you are making and why, and what the influences are over those choices. 

In the context of something to be wary of, approach The Lovers as an early warning sign to The Devil card which often indicates vices and addictions. In fact, in the traditional RWS portrayal, these cards are very obviously related. You are asked to pay attention the things that delight you which, where health is concerned, can easily turn harmful.It’s perhaps easiest to start with a physical idea of optimum health, perhaps beginning with reduction of sugary and salty foods that are often used for comfort. However, The Lovers card will ask you to go deeper and look at your mental and emotional health. What (and sometimes who) is currently present in your life that feels good for a moment but ultimately becomes a source of stress, frustration, and at worst pain?

Be as honest in your answers as you possibly can be and avoid the urge to create excuses for these influences. Instead shift your choices to that which provides true nourishment, without caveat or exception.