The Star

After the effects of The Tower, here comes starlight, beautiful, healing, and gentle. In the stars we find our way, navigate back to ourselves again. This is no flighty hope, it is hardwon. The dim but brightening inner flame beginning to glow.

Starlight is not so bright, but in this moment, it is just enough.

"This is a post-disaster hope, one not sought through conscious direction but by the full and heavy surrender of grief and loss." (She is Sitting in the Night)

What does this mean to me right now?

This grief is a cleansing ritual.

It is an offering to Her who knows this unkindness well- to the world's ocean, Yemaya- all the shit, trauma, grief, and pain all of it and releasing that to fill up my pitcher with something fresher.

It looks like getting back into the work- sharing this journey, this process and processing of grief with others because it is a world ocean- so many others recognize what we pour out. That recognition heals, affirms: vulnerability, and the bravery to lay it all out.

That deep honesty allows the starlight to kiss my skin and hold me together.


asaliprayerspelloffering                 'I make space as I pour out, to myself, to you, to community.'


Yemayareceivedsresponse                      'You are not lost/You are finding yourself.'