~ NM ~

"Thank you so, so much for this absolutely amazing reading. I don't think I've ever had a reading that was this subtle, deep, and accurate. When you first opened the reading talking about abundance as the main theme, it hit right in the heart; this is an area of my life I've struggled with forever, and been working on since the summer... A lot of times I feel like I read a reading I've been given but fail to really engage with it or integrate it into my life, and this gives me a way to do that! Today's my day off and I'm definitely dedicating it to this query and part of my life. Everything in the reading echoes truths I've been discovering elsewhere, and from others...

~ SM ~

"I don`t even know where to begin...thank you so so much! This reading is so beautiful and it really means the world to me. I have made the picture my desktop background :) I will sit with this for a long time and go back to all the beautiful questions as time goes on. You are really magical! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

~ CC ~

"i am deeply appreciative of this reading. beautifully put together pdf, thoughtful suggestions on the energy the cards were giving. i liked that you gave actual things to do like being in water, honey scrubs, working on an altar. ah, all of it felt like drinking a really nice cup of coffee in the morning. so enjoyable to read and to feel. again, thank you."

~ JG ~

"...I found myself working through some things in a way I didn't know I had in me, just a few hours after drinking. Safe to say I won't underestimate the potency of these teas again, and will appreciate their guidance as I move forward."


~ cM ~

"I wanted to take a moment and sincerely thank you for the time and care you put into my reading. It resonated with me deeply, and I'll be working with its wisdom for some time."

~ AP ~

"Thank you so much for your wisdom, Asali. I have reread your reading often this week, and just got the talisman today.I'm still trying to figure out what my practices will be, but the idea of a morning and bedtime ritual really resonated. I've been trying to get in the habit of a card pull in the mornings bag, but need to find a good evening ritual. Candlework feels great. I love the talisman! It feels so supportive and healing."

~ KF ~

"Your timing is perfect... YES YES YES!...I look forward to returning home and integrating with your tea...Thank you so much for what you offer the world. I am so glad I found you."

~ RG ~

"Thank you for the honest words and powerful reading! I have already found more each time reading it. I like the Queen of Wands upright by herself, she looks tough ;) I will start the candle ritual soon, sounds like a good idea!"

~ TT ~

"Thank you for this Spark. Upon a first reflection, the card and your interpretation have already rolled back the tide a bit to give me a new perspective and a chance to both gather some tools and loosen my grip of others while working with the magic of this workshop. I truly appreciate the guidance I'm getting from this reading."


*initials used to protect client privacy