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With the intent of providing accessible healing to my community, Sliding Scale is available in the shop. As you select your offering, choose from the Star (lower), Sun (mid), or Moon (higher) options according to your financial access. I appreciate you sustaining me and each other by valuing the honor system in your selections.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.



In this reading we incisively evaluate your query with a traditional two-card cross reading that gets right to the heart of the matter. It's effective and right to the point.



If you need it served to you straight up no chaser then this is the one for you. With this reading we vision where you are and what the elemental concerns of your query are giving light to the mental, emotional, material, and spiritual energy surrounding you in this moment.



With this reading you receive a fully customized large spread of cards uniquely tailored to your query. This reading is purposefully intricate and designed to be as in-depth as possible, crafted to your particular query and circumstance.



MEDITATIVE TAROT TEAS (temporarily sold out)


Deep breath, then take the leap forward. After all, what awaits you is the rest of your journey. The Fool's blend takes that jump with you as you leap towards your next adventure and begin your cycle anew.



Pause now, and release what weighs you down. Allow this cooling tea to help you choose to lighten your load and know you are worth taking a moment or three for.



After a season of deep growth, it is important to take time and sit still, reflect; let the lessons learned really take foundation in our spirit. Yet, we must not linger too long here. This is a pause, not a full stop. Allow the plant spirits in this blend to move you into fruitful introspection.




Harness the King of Wands’ energy and take the leap forward with full confidence. This blend guides you to take the chance on yourself and reminds you betting on your spirit is always the safest bet. Let this magic move you into the confidence needed to break through any obstacles that come to initiate your growth.



All is made new in the light of the sun. This blend is handcrafted to guide you to celebrate the daily healing that is the sun’s promise to us. A bright, warm, combination of nature's brightest herbs. Meditate on renewal and the second chance that every new sunrise brings. See truth clearly and with divine confidence.



Blended to guide you as seek ancestral wisdom buried in your bones and beneath the vast ocean floors of memory. Deepen your journey as you work the Skeleton Key tarot spread inspired by this work.





This 118 page e-zine is a multi media compilation of femme genius. the contributors come from a wide range o life experiences. it features affirming and magical advice and stories to help women and femmes not only survive, but thrive while living with the impacts of the patriarchy.


curated by andi grace; distributed on this site with permission as a contributor