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Seeking the cards is one of those means by which we harness the wisdom and insight of the spirits that guide us, as well as honor our own intuition.

I am passionate that the means to care and be cared for must be economically accessible to all communities which is why I offer a sliding scale for all my offerings. Sliding scale means that I offer a number of options for exchange of my healing services while still sustaining myself as a healer. Sliding scale is a care and honor system, and I trust that you will select the level of exchange that is most accessible to you.

I'm focused on your healing and as such I prioritize you in a reading. As a point of respect, I will only read about you. This keeps your the focus of the reading and respects everyone else's energy. Of course, you may query about your relationship to others in a way that centers your healing and work, for example: "How can I better create healthy boundaries with my romantic partner?" rather than "Will my partner listen to me if I....?"


Your reading will be delivered to you within 5-7 days by email unless otherwise arranged. Please ensure that the email you submit is correct and is one you have regular access to. Remember to attach your reading query in your purchase notes at the shop or email me with your query. Respectfully, you must have sent your payment through the shop before you


I am not a predictive reader, though as I do connect with ancestral and spirit guides, some insight into your future might arise as a happy bonus. I work with the energy of your current circumstance and look to see how we might shift that in a way that best nourishes you.

You are responsible for for any actions you take following your reading. Please note that your tarot reading is not a substitute for medical, financial, or legal advice and I will not perform a reading for these circumstances.

You must be 18 years or older to book a reading.

All readings will be emailed to you in 3-7 days. Respectfully, exchange is due before you receive your reading.

Additionally, you agree to adhere to all Asali Earthwork Terms of Use and Policies. Please read through for clarity.