Tarot of the QTPOC: Deck Listing

Getting straight to it, this is a list of tarot decks that are inclusive- specifically connecting with queer, trans, and people of color. I begun this as a record for myself and it's grown into something for I'd like for the larger tarot community to be aware of.

Daughters of the Moon Tarot

Daughters of the Moon Tarot

As I come across inclusive decks I plan to highlight them in my Tarot of the QTPOC Series. I've included tarot decks in my list that, at least by my subjective view, include at least one of these identities without being tokenizing. I also note that these are all tarot and some lenormand decks, intentionally leaving out oracle decks for the purposes of this list aggregation.

Unfortunately, not all the decks have fully QTPOC representation. These magical unicorns that include queer and/or trans people of color in as many facets of our magical selves as possible- across ability, gender, sexuality, socioeconomics, ages, etc have been prioritized at the top of this list. 

I am always taking recommendations, especially for new and forthcoming decks that need support! So feel free to leave me a comment with recommendations and check out the #TarotoftheQTPOC tag on Twitter. 

Thank you to all folks who've suggested decks to me (keep them coming)! This is a community resource and I intend it to be community curated. Special thanks to Avory F. for all your help.

#TarotoftheQTPOC Magical Unicorns:

Published #TarotoftheQTPOC Decks:

Forthcoming #TarotoftheQTPOC Decks:

Lenormand Decks

This part of the list is definitely under construction, thank you to Melissa of Little Fox Tarot for the push. The state of Lenormand is even more discriminatory than Tarot. Let's change that.



*A deck's inclusion on this list (or lack of inclusion) does not guarantee that:

1) you will see what I see

or that...

2) it will be unproblematic.

I do appreciate conversation so if you feel I added a deck here that shouldn't have a place or that I left one out, let me know in the comments and maybe we can agree or disagree. This list is a resource, and I want it to be as open a resource for my community as possible while still being clear that I am human and subject to my perspective.

I've had the energy to explicitly critique some of these decks on my blog, like the Mythical Goddess Tarot's cis-centrism and the Haitian Tarot's blatant cultural appropriation. However some decks I've just not gotten to yet (I likely will) and still have issues with, like the Illest Tarot and Bad Bitches Tarot's appropriative use of AAVE as a branding tool by their white creators.

So please, tarot reader beware and use your own judgement as to whether a deck is for you and worthy of your support and energy.

updated 09/09/2019