Tarot of the QTPOC: Resources

These are some of my favorite healing resources for folks looking for work that supports/is created by QTPOC.

Brown Girl Tarot Library

The Brown Girl Tarot Library is an ever-growing database of tarot decks that were created by and/or include people of color (POC) in them. 



Little Red Tarot

Little Red Tarot is the tarot resource for marginalized folks to connect with your our magic and develop our own approach to tarot, astrology, ritual, and more.


Witchy Queers

A directory of online resources, blogs and stores created to bring together LGBTQ-friendly resources in tarot, astrology, herbalism, wellbeing and more.


Haus Witch Digital Coven

This is a list of the nonwhite folks in the spiritual/woo community who identified as a POC curated by Diana Rose Harper.


Worts + Cunning

A resource for herbalism and astrology ran by the brilliant Alexis J. Cunningfolk who approaches their healing modalities from an intersectional perspective.

Rest for Resistance

Rest for Resistance is a crucial intersectional mental health resource for QTPOC folks- particularly as we usually don't have access to mental healthcare or support.


Kelly Ann Maddox

Kelly Ann Maddox is a spiritual counselor, tarot reader, and chaos witch. She has an excellent Youtube channel full of reflections and resources and she updates with regularity!